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Athlete Development Program

IJʿ is excited to launch the Athlete Development Program in 2023.

IJʿ will enable, enact, empower and play an active part in the evolution of equal opportunities for students to develop careers in sport through a focus on female sport and a holistic approach. Stuartholme will build on the foundation of hard work paved by many successful sporting women by providing further opportunities and development for women in sport through the participation in our Athlete Development Program (ADP).

Stuartholme will develop selected individual athletes in their sport specific curriculum in both practical and theoretical settings, as well as support to balance their sporting goals and ambitions, with academic support and success.

The ADP will aid and equip selected students aspiring to sport pathways and future careers at State and National level as athletes, coaches and administrators.

Currently, no other Single-Sex Secondary School in Brisbane offer a program of this kind. IJʿ will be the first to deliver an Athlete Development Program, which will enable Stuartholme students to develop in a variety of sport specific areas such as psychology, nutrition, exercise and fitness and overall wellbeing.


  • Participate in learning experiences and attain knowledge and skills on how to operate in a high performance training environment, with an excellent understanding of how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Assist student athletes through mentoring opportunities with industry professionals, along with sport specific strength and conditioning, nutritional advice, leadership & mentoring skills, and wellbeing plans to build not only great athletes, but better people who evoke positive role models for future Stuartholme girls to aspire to.
  • Equip students with skills to also give back to Stuartholme sport through coaching and volunteering
    capacities to evoke a sense of pride and accomplishment amongst every Stuartholme girl.


  • Exclusive Sport Excellence Curriculum Program unique to Stuartholme
  • Pathways for our student athletes to tertiary studies and to prepare them for elite and professional
    sporting careers
  • Links to pathways and aspiration for 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games and other professional sports (e.g.
    Brisbane Lions AFLW, Brisbane Roar, Queensland Firebirds)
  • Detailed and discerning learning experiences and opportunities for Stuartholme student athletes to best
    set them up for success in a career in sport.
  • Students develop leadership and communication skills to best set them up for successful, sustainable
    sporting careers
  • Industry professionals’ guidance and relationship with student athlete to provide support throughout
    sport and educational journey.


All Student Athletes involved in the ADP will be required to demonstrate the ADP Values:

  • SELFLESS – student athletes promote and demonstrate selfless behaviours and attitudes in investing in their
    development and willingness to get better.
  • TEACHABLE – student athletes are engaged, enthusiastic and energetic in attainting feedback and see failure as learning experiences which evoke development.
  • UPSTANDING – student athletes demonstrate behaviours and attitudes of Cor Unum and the Sacred Heart to
    uphold and demonstrate leadership and advocacy for self, program and community.
  • RESPECTFUL – student athletes demonstrate respect for self, peers, teachers and Stuartholme community.
  • OBJECTIVE – student athletes are motivated and goal-orientated, seek to learn and develop every session.
  • ATTITUDE – student athletes demonstrate optimistic, energetic and positive approach to the holistic aspects of the program.
  • RESILIENT – student athletes recognise challenges as opportunities to build character and have a relentless
    attitude towards bettering themselves and others.


The ADP will select students to be invited to participate in the program. Selected students will need to apply and meet a range of selection criteria including:

  • A Sport CV of current/previous accomplishments in school or outside of school, Regional, State, or National sporting representation outlining their participation and growth in selected or multiple sports. This may also include officiating/umpiring.
  • Upon acceptance into program, fitness and strength testing trials completed every semester/six months to monitor progression, engagement and development of program.
  • Review of academic progress and, engagement and effort in other subjects and overall school engagement.
  • Students must obtain willingness to demonstrate program values of STU ROAR (Selfless; Teachable; Upstanding; Respectful; Objective; Attitude; Resilient).

Participation and Application in the 2023 Athlete Development Program has now closed. 


The holistic collaboration and learning experiences, along with specified support and networking from industry professionals such as sport psychologists, dietitians and strength and conditioning coaches will cater for the student athletes’ individual needs. These partnerships will also provide opportunity for
networking with university and businesses from our community to invest in our students to be the best they can be.

Stuartholme will connect and collaborate with a wide range of industry professionals to promote best performance and holistic wellbeing. These include:

  1. Strength and Conditioning experts and accommodation of individualised programming to best cater for the individual sporting requirements.
  2. Sport Psychologists/Counsellors will enable students to lean on positive support networks and build upon positive psychology strategies and mindset skills equipped through the Wise Wellness program.
  3. Food and nutrition experts will provide students the opportunity to ascertain knowledge and understanding of best ways to fuel before, during and after competition, along with establishing lifelong healthy eating habits.



For more information, questions or queries about the Athlete Development Program please contact:

Mr Dion King
Acting Director of Sport and Athlete Development Program Co-Ordinator

We will deliver sport to support, extend and challenge our students to be the best they can be.

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