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A School of the Sacred Heart

Welcome to Boarding

Welcome to Stuartholme Boarding!

Our Boarding House offers a truly unique boarding experience. With us your daughter or daughters will have a defining education. They will be happy, well-rounded, independent, compassionate, kind and resilient. We share a common vision: to create a boarding community that enables each individual to flourish in a way that helps empower others at the same time.

At IJʿ, our Boarding House is at the centre of the school, thus in essence, is the heart of the school. Boarders bring warmth and a genuine connection to all they meet, they are open and generous to all new students knowing that a friendly face is very important, not only on the first day, but on each and every day. Our boarders live by our school motto ‘Cor Unum’ – one heart.

In our Boarding House we offer opportunities for each girl to achieve their very best both academically and socially. We develop academic profiles of each boarder to ensure they know their individual strengths as a learner first and foremost and are offered the appropriate support to gain skills in areas that need further development.

The recreational program provides activities for our girls to explore areas of interest, be challenged and meet new people. There are many opportunities for self-development, self-discipline and resilience for your daughter to experience over her time in Boarding.

We offer a Boarding specific leadership programs. A Stuartholme boarder is a young woman who will learn to take risks, step up, be heard, take responsibility, be a leader and leave prepared for her future.

We invite you to explore Stuartholme Boarding further, either by booking into one of our regular school tours, booking a personal tour with our Registrar or visiting us at an upcoming regional tour.

So please come and experience what we have on offer and feel the spirit of our Boarding House.

“Each girl is to feel at home in boarding, loved as she is, comfortable and secure. When girls feel like this, they are ready to be challenged and extended.”

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