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A School of the Sacred Heart

Introducing Years 5 & 6

Introducing Years 5 & 6

IJʿ is pleased to be introducing Years 5 & 6 from 2024.

The introduction of Year 5 in 2024, and Year 6 in 2025, will provide students with a tailored Junior School program that allows them to develop a rich sense of community and belonging underpinned by the school’s Sacred Heart charism.

In a safe, caring, and warm environment, our youngest students will have an opportunity to understand who they are, how they belong and learn, alongside their own leadership capabilities.

As a leader in girls’ education, Stuartholme understands that the early years of education provide the foundation to successful and life-long learning. With the introduction of Years 5 & 6, our students will have a seamless progression from the Junior School into the Secondary School.


Plans are underway to begin construction in 2023 of a dedicated Junior School precincton the main campus which will include classrooms, toilets and an outdoor play and recreation area.

Students will have access to an educational precinct designed by experts to maximise learning outcomes. Students will also have access to IJʿ’s already expansive range of facilities including swimming pool, netball and tennis courts, Library, Technologies Precinct, Art studios and design technology rooms.

Community and leadership

As members of the IJʿ community, Years 5 and 6 students will be a part of all school celebrations, assemblies, liturgies, and masses.

Stuartholme recognises the importance of providing leadership opportunities to our students. Our Junior School students will have leadership positions built into the junior school through official positions and student representative councils.

Junior School curriculum

The Junior School Curriculum will be based on nine Key Learning Areas and incorporated four dimensions of the National Curriculum.

Consolidation of the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy is a priority and complimented by the development of competencies aimed at students becoming passionate and inquisitive in their learning.

A collaborative and supportive learning environment enables students to become resilient learners who can articulate and evaluate their learning journey.

  • Religious Education
  • Wise Wellness
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Health and Physical Education
  • French & Chinese
  • Music (including instrumental Music in Year 5)
  • Arts
  • Digital Technologies

In addition, there will be a program of excursions and camp opportunitie

Enrolling in year 5 and year 7

We will be interviewing year 7, 2027 applicants and year 5, 2025 applicants this October 2023.   The enrolment of students in the School will be managed in a transparent manner. Date of application is not the sole criteria for enrolment and the School reserves the right to offer a place to any student, irrespective of date of application. As per the Stuartholme Student Enrolment Policy and Procedures, consideration and priority is given primarily to:

  1. Siblings;
  2. daughters and/or granddaughters of Alumnae;
  3. students attending Catholic and local feeder schools; and
  4. special consideration is given to boarding students

Due to this change, our pre- enrolment and interview process has been updated.

Pre enrolment & Interview Process

We will interview 3 years out from your daughter’s entry year. In 2022 we conducted enrolment interviews for girls commencing in Year 5 in 2024 and Year 7 in 2026. If you are looking to start schooling at Stuartholme in 2023, 2024 or 2025 please contact our Enrolments office today to enquire about vacancies.

Phone +61 7 3369 5466 or email enrolments@stuartholme.com

Entry Guide Updated July 2022

Birth YearYear 5Year 7IJʿ
1/07/2011 – 30/06/20122024Enquire about vacancies
1/07/2012 – 30/06/20132025Enquire about vacancies
1/07/2013 – 30/06/201420242026Enquire about vacancies
1/07/2014 – 30/06/201520252027Enquire about vacancies
1/07/2015 – 30/06/201620262028Accepting Applications.
1/07/2016 – 30/06/201720272029Accepting Applications.
1/07/2017 - 30/06/201820282030Accepting Applications.
1/07/2018 - 30/06/201920292031Accepting Applications.

Expression of Interest Form Junior School

Expression of Interest have now closed. Please direct enquiries to enrolments@stuartholme.com.

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