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Introducing STU@HOME

Introducing our new learn from home program….

It is with pride we officially launch our learn from home model – STU@HOME.

Over the past weeks, our dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to develop this program with the integration of new practices to engage our community in a new frontier of learning and connection in the virtual world.

A video from Imogen (Cor Unum Captain) and I explain this new concept, along with a full prospectus that outlines the key messages of STU@HOME.

Over the coming days, more information will be shared around the comprehensive development of STU@HOME with a special section of myStuartholme being tailored to assist you with additional resources and support for learning at Stuartholme while at home.

Despite being in challenging times, we as a community will rise to the occasion and continue to enable your daughter to be the best she can be.

Kristen Sharpe

STU@HOME Prospectus


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