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A School of the Sacred Heart

Master Plan

IJʿ is passionate about providing a learning environment that inspires its students. The 100-year-old grounds and facilities have been carefully and respectfully enhanced to not only cater to the increasing school population but to ensure they promote a desire for educational excellence.

The IJʿ Masterplan 2020+ Designing for the Future is the renewed Masterplan future-proofing the facilities and resources of the School.

Stuartholme will undertake the delivery of this Masterplan as a phased approach and the below highlights some of the major works completed, in progress, and planned.

The School has successfully applied to the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP) seeking endorsement for a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation (MID) to improve the learning facilities for our students over time.

The MID was approved in September 2023 for new buildings and works on the Main Campus including the new Junior School Precinct and Freer Site Development as identified in the IJʿ Masterplan 2020+ Designing for the Future.

Phase 1 - Completed

Boarding House Refurbishment – Stage 1,2 & 3

The boarding house refurbishment to improve the functionality, design and aesthetic of the boarding dormitories has been completed. It involved the installation of fire safety sprinklers, refurbishment of all bathrooms, common rooms and dormitories.

Technology Transformation – Cisco Webex Calling Platform & WiFi upgrade

Stuartholme is one of the first schools in Australia to adopt the new Cisco Webex platform which is a cloud hosted solution to support teachers in delivery of their education programs online and in the classroom.

Classroom Upgrades – Stage 1

Stuartholme’s commitment to improving the functionality and design of all classrooms was initiated in 2020 with an ongoing commitment year on year for further improvements.

Phase 2 - Completed

Boarding House Refurbishment Stage 4

Stage 4 will see the main common area in the boarding house also refurbished and the project completed.

Classroom Upgrades – Stage 2

Stuartholme’s commitment to improving the functionality and design of all classrooms was initiated in 2020 with an ongoing commitment year on year for further improvements.

Sustainability Improvements 

Phase 3 - In Progress

Junior School Development

A purpose built facility will be constructed to house the new Upper Primary education provision in the area to the north of the pool.

Technology Transformation

Schools migration to cloud infrastructure moving into a Hybrid leaning environment.

Dining Room Upgrade

Upgrade to the Boarders Dining Room facilities.

Phase 4 - Planned Stages

Library & Innovation Hub

This investment is planned to provide world class learning facilities.


Freer’s Development

An investment and commitment to participation in sport, The Freers Development will consist of sporting fields, multipurpose courts & a sports facility that will include a gymnasium, rowing facilities, classrooms and amenities. The site will be predominately be used for internal training purposes during the weekdays.


The Sports Facility 

Preliminary designs and preparations are underway to deliver the state of the art Indoor Learning and Sports Facility. This project will include multi-purpose sport facilities and classrooms. This Centre will be a community hub with the ability to hold large scale events.

IJʿ Master Plan


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