IJʿ selected as one of The Educator’s 5-Star Innovative Schools for 2023

Tuesday, 07/11/2023 Posted by: Emily Heath

IJʿ has been selected as one of the most forward-thinking educational institutions, earning a spot on The Educator’s 5-Star Innovative Schools 2023 list. This achievement comes under the visionary leadership of Principal, Mr Daniel Crump.

IJʿ has embarked on a transformative journey, working to reshape the educational landscape. Mr Crump’s innovative initiatives have cultivated a strong sense of community, ultimately optimising the success of each child. Central to Mr Crump’s vision is the transformation of education to prepare students for the future. A comprehensive review and repositioning of the Pedagogical Framework have allowed staff to embrace innovation and champion students’ leadership in their chosen fields of study.

Over the past 12 months IJʿ has witnessed a remarkable 5% increase in students achieving an ATAR of 90+, surpassing the state average by 10%. Additionally, the school doubled its award of VET certifications.

Under Mr Crump’s leadership, student engagement has soared. The school achieved an impressive 83% student participation in sports, surpassing the national average by 35%. Furthermore, the Arts and music programs have grown by 25%.

Among the key initiatives, the school has introduced a Drone program, empowering young women with real-world skills in drone technology and industry partnerships to tackle agricultural challenges. IJʿ has partnered with technology industry leaders to launch a drone (RPAS) technology program for young women. This program equips students with practical skills in drone operation, navigation, and safety checks, increasing the representation of women in this emerging field.

Already, the Drone program is proving to be transformative, providing students with industry-standard drone skills and problem-solving abilities that will serve them well in their future careers. This initiative further underscores Stuartholme’s commitment to advancing women in technology and innovation.

Stuartholme’s partnership with the Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Program has expanded its Urban Farming initiative. This program not only empowers students about sustainable farming but also funds itself through plant and food sales, contributing to various sustainable projects within the school. This initiative has led IJʿ to be recognised as one of the best schools in Australia in The Educator’s 5 Star Sustainable Programs in 2023.

IJʿ is about to embark on an expansion, into the junior phase of learning with Year 5 commencing in 2024. This purpose-built dynamic learning environment will empower Junior School students to find their voices and become agents of transformation, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and personal growth through real-world problem-solving.

In the Middle Years, Stuartholme continues to forge partnerships with industry professionals, allowing students to work on real-world issues and innovative solutions. This approach extends to fields such as engineering, where students are actively engaged in addressing complex problems with guidance from dedicated mentors.

The Senior Years at Stuartholme have seen students actively involved in social justice initiatives, exemplified by their outstanding support for the Cancer Council Ponytail Project. This commitment to social consciousness has sparked a passion for philanthropy within the broader school community.

IJʿ has also achieved a 25% increase in boarding numbers over the past year, with its heritage-listed boarding facilities undergoing a $6 million renovation.

As IJʿ continues its journey of educational excellence, it remains dedicated to nurturing the potential of every student, fostering innovation, and preparing young women to excel in a rapidly evolving world. The recognition as a 5-Star Innovative School is a testament to the commitment and vision of Principal Daniel Crump and the entire Stuartholme community.

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