Deputy Principal Deborah Lonsdale-Walker recognised on The Educator Hot List 2023

Thursday, 16/11/2023 Posted by: Emily Heath

In a world where traditional education models have been tested and stretched to their limits, innovative leaders like Ms Deborah Lonsdale-Walker are shining bright. As the Deputy Principal of IJʿ, Deborah has been named on The Educator Hot List, a recognition of educational leaders making significant contributions to advancing innovation in the education industry. Her dedication to student wellbeing and her commitment to reshaping traditional school structures have earned her this well-deserved recognition.

The past few years have seen Deborah take the helm in reimagining Stuartholme’s school day. In recognising the limitations of traditional schooling models, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, she initiated a transformative process that has paved the way for a more agile and responsive education system.

One of her initiatives, “The HIVE,” engages Year 11 and 12 students for two days a week, providing them with mentoring and support from alumnae with diverse backgrounds. This program is flexible, learner-centred, and empowers students to take charge of their education. In recognition of its success, the program is set to expand in 2024.

Deborah collaborated with staff and Alumnae to introduce subject-specific study with experts in their fields, enabling students to opt-in to target study sessions for “Flexible Academic Support” during the school day, enabling students to make their own decisions in their learning journey. This approach, known as Specialist Learning Hubs, fosters greater student agency and encourages career-based learning exploration.

In addition to her role at Stuartholme, she serves as a Director on the Iona College Board and is the first female Chair. She is also a valuable member of educational committees and associations, and has co-authored publications, showcasing her expertise and commitment to education.

Deborah’s leadership stands as a shining example to the young women at IJʿ, driving educational transformation in alignment with the Graduate Vision.

“Stuartholme graduates exemplify courage, compassion, and confidence as they become agents of transformation in their lives and the lives of others. Rooted in the values imparted through a Sacred Heart education, our graduates emerge as collaborative, critical, and creative thinkers and leaders, equipped to face challenges with resilience and sustain their learning journey through a deep spiritual connection with the Sacred Heart charism.”

IJʿ congratulates Ms Lonsdale-Walker on this significant recognition and thank her for her visionary approach to continued excellence at Stuartholme.


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