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Counselling & Support

As part of our Student Services Department, Stuartholme offers counselling and support services to our students.

Educational & Personal Counselling

Stuartholme’s counselling team works in collaboration with all staff, particularly the Leaders of Student Wellbeing, to enhance student access and participation in holistic educational experiences. They do this by assisting students to work through psychological, social or behavioural issues that may be impeding their ability to think clearly, concentrate, problem solve, make informed choices or take productive action. Our solution focussed and strengths-based approach empowers students to not just deal with whatever is happening in their lives right now, but to learn lifelong skills of self-management, reflection and emotional regulation to function with meaning and confidence as young women in the world. As psychologists, the counselling team are also available to parents for advice and referral and offer support and information within the school across a range of mental health and wellbeing topics. Students and parents are encouraged to email either Natalie Morgan or Eloise Conrad directly to make an appointment. Students can also access external counselling and support services online including:

  • 1800 55 1800

Peer Support Team

During times of need, it is natural for students to turn to their friends for support. Stuartholme has a Peer Support Team of Senior students, who are selected based on strict criteria. The Peer Support Team are initially provided with training through a two day program called Peer Skills, developed by Kids Help Line and funded by Lifeline. Skills gained by students include developing advanced problem-solving skills to support their peers to:

  • Define issues
  • Identify options and outcomes
  • Make wise choices
  • When to ask for adult support

Supported by our counsellors with ongoing education, support and supervision, the Peer Support Team aims to enhance school connectedness and resource students with lifelong skills in problem solving, communication and team work. It also works to raise awareness about key stressors, mental health issues and how to build resilience.

Parent support and resources

Parents are invited to attend educational counselling seminars throughout the year. Topics range from depression, anxiety, bullying, cyberbullying and parenting advice. Parents may also request school-based counselling support for their daughters and access school-based counselling support for themselves. Parents can access external counselling and support services online:

Student Protection

IJʿ has a Student Protection Policy and Guidelines and is committed to the protection of children and adolescents’ right to safety. Our structure supports our commitment and includes four fully trained Student Protection Officers. Information on child protection can be accessed through the

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